SBLive Connect™

The SBLive Connect Sports Data Hub is the high school sports industry’s first true data management platform that was designed to simplify the collection, organization and sharing of important sports content. Over the years, the high school industry stakeholders ( state associations, leagues, athletic directors, coaches, technology providers and fans) have been subject to the negative impact of fragmentation, lack of standards and incompatibilities between data and technology providers. As technology continues to evolve at an ever increasing rate it is a great time for the high school industry stakeholders to work together to standardize and normalize the basic data (schedules, scores, rosters, school profiles) that is important to the stakeholders of the industry.

A phase II of the platform is also underway and is being designed to add premium features such as live scores, news, photos, videos and stats that would be worthy of paid syndication to multiple interested news outlets, major media and technology companies, etc. The model for this service is very closely mirroring that of the Associated Press which was originally launched in 1862 and still is in operation today serving news and media organizations around the world with content from a variety of categories such as news, sports, finance and more.

The documentation here should guide you through the integration process.

Note: We are in the process of refactoring Connect’s main functionality as part of the evolution of SBLive. The Connect API documentation will expand significantly and there may be some changes. The Legacy API is complete, and can serve as a general guide of expectations in Connect, and will continue to function for the foreseeable future but is approaching deprecation. We suggest that new development make use of the Connect API.